1: Simply screw the bottom lid (clear lid without logo)tightly first.


2: then remove the top lid (lid white lid with logo)and pour in your liquid of choice into the the body the bottles.


3: Place the lid back on top and press down until the lid is firmly sealed.


4: When Ready for use, unscrew the bottomlid squeeze on the soft dispenser to release the desired amount.

H structure 

The H dropper is comprised off 3 main part.

1: Bottom lid (screw lid,with clear lid)

2: Body is the main part of the pipette, it hold 15ml of the liquid.

3: top lid (made of lid and dropper) allows you to control and release the desired amount.

Cleansing methods

cleaning the dropper for reuse is a simple process.

A: remove both lids from the body and run all parts under warm/room room temperature water.

B: add couple drops of soap and wash each part with hand or small device (sponge).

D:  rinse the dropper from the soap. For oil, please repeat step A and B couple of more times to get the desired  effect.

Travel besti


This refillable H dropper is every skincare lovers dream companion. Take your favourite serums and oils, on the go in a sleek, compact and hygienic way. Given you a piece of mind that you will glow no matter where you are without compromising on space and effort. 


The dropper holds about 15 ml of your solution. This is half of most standardl serum volume. this means It’s easy to refill, save environment by reducing skin care waste and best of all saves you a lot of money.


They make a great gift Ideas as empty droppers, or As prefilled, droppers And share your favourite serums and oils with loved ones.